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Dhurjati Bhattacharyya

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried that earlier, but the problem is I cannot see the flash animations on hover. :( So, will this be a feature request then?

I am now think of creating these custom buttons within Storyline by using PNGs in the different stages and animated GIFs in the hover state. Unfortunately, the quality of these buttons won't be that great. :(



Dhurjati Bhattacharyya

Solved the problem! Here are the steps:

1. Create a custom button using PPT/Storyline/Photoshop (I have used Photoshop to create the custom button)

2. Add hover state in Storyline to the custom button that you have created

3. In the hover state add the Flash animation/SWF of your choice

4. Add a transparent PNG on top of the SWF (do not use a transparent shape from Storyline)

5. Add the trigger