Why is my button not changing state properly?

Oct 27, 2020

Hi Heroes, 

I'm hoping an eagle-eyed Hero can help me figure out why my Submit button is not changing state when clicked. I have extracted the offending slide and posted it as an attachment below.

Here's what it looks like:

(The "Done" boxes start out hidden and turn visible after learners take those steps.) 

Here's the trigger panel showing triggers attached to the Submit button:

The very first trigger sets the state of the Submit button to Disabled when the button is clicked--or at least, it is supposed to. For some reason, this isn't happening. Here's a Peek video (no sound) showing how it (doesn't) work:


When I disable all other triggers on the Submit button, it still doesn't change to Disabled when clicked. 

I've attached the *.story file.

Thanks for any help!

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Garth Yorko

I edited the states of the Submit button.  I created a new state by copying the disabled state and named it New Disabled.

I changed your trigger to Change the state of the Submit Button to New Disabled when the learner clicks the Submit Button.

That disabled the button.  I think you are seeing the effects of using the buit in states.

Ray Cole

Hi Garth, thanks for responding. I'm not sure what you mean by "seeing the effect of using the built-in states." Shouldn't they work? I guess you are saying this is a Storyline bug.

Your work-around might work for me except that I don't think creating a New Disabled state will actually disable the triggers associated with the button like the built-in Disabled state will.

It might be easier to just paste a "dead" version of the button over the actual one on each layer. The "dead" one will block access to the "live" one on the base layer and I'll end up with the same effect. But I don't think I should have to do this. The regular, built-in Disabled state should work.


Garth Yorko

It is not a bug, the buttons are doing what they are designed to do.  What I am saying is that the buttons are using their built-in logic, and that, sometimes, that logic interferes with what you want to do.

This is what is happening.  Once the learner selects a radio button, the Submit button changes from Disabled to Normal.

  1. When the learner rolls over the Submit button, it changes to the Hover state
  2. When the learner clicks the Submit button, it changes to the Down state
  3. When the Submit button is released, it changes to the Visited state, but the button is disabled.  

The trigger to change the state to Disabled sort of confuses the built in logic and you do not see the disabled color expected, you see the visited color and the disabled action.

The easiest way to over come this is to create a new state copied from the Disabled state.  I've attached the file with two example slides so you can see what happens with each.

Ray Cole

Garth, thanks for the detailed explanation!

The way Storyline combines states outside of our control is a constant source of frustration. They really need precedence rules for how the states interact. To my way of thinking, as soon as the state is changed to Disabled, all other states should be disabled. The button should not get "stuck" in a Down or Hover state because those states should be disabled.

The weird thing is that when I created a totally fresh Storyline project with just one slide containing just one button and a trigger that turns it to Disabled when clicked, then I get the expected behavior (the button changes to the correct color and is disabled). So I'm still not sure what's different about my actual example.

But I will use a work-around.




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