Why is my state change delayed?

I'm probably having a brain freeze and there is an obvious solution to this- I know you all can help.  

In this interaction, the participant has to pick the correct response to the problem (option one).  If they choose the incorrect response, they can try again.  If they choose the correct response, we want them to be able to review the other choices as well.  I have a continue button set to change state from hidden to normal on the other responses if they have already chosen the correct response (true/ false variable).  That way they can proceed to the next slide after they have reviewed the incorrect responses.  For some reason, the button is slightly delayed. It's driving me crazy.  Trigger order?  Numeric variable?  Here is the output (again, correct response is option one) and the story file.  

Delayed State Change Example 

Story File

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Heather Emerick

Hi Blair, Thanks for looking.  The first continue button (on option one) appears right away.  It's the continue button on the other options that is hidden until they first choose the correct option.  Try choosing option one first, select review other responses and then choose another response.  You'll see the continue button come in after the slide starts.  

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Heather,

I see what you're experiencing but ONLY under 1 condition: IF I go through the lesson by clicking Option 1st.

Then Review other responses

Then, when I choose one of the other options, the continue button has a half-second or 1-second delay.


If I choose, say option3 first, ad then 4, and then 2, and finally the correct option, 1, the continue button appears immediately. I don't see what's wrong or why this is.

Or if I even choose just one of the other responses and then response 1, the continue button is NOT delayed.

I haven't determined why - I may poke around with it a bit longer - but it's definitely there, at least for me.

Heather Emerick

Thanks for checking Rebecca.  At one point, I had the "Try Again" button change states to say "Review Other Responses" after they selected the correct response but the same thing was happening.  When the timeline started, it said "Try Again" and then after the delay it switched to "Review Other Responses".  I gave up.  I'd like to make this work because I can see us using this same model again.  Thanks!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Heather,

I've played around with a bazillion variations and no matter what I do, there's a delay following that sequence. I even tried a workaround and placing a white shape (no lines) over the continue button and having it change to hidden when the timeline starts if the variable is true, but that had the same delay.

For chuckles, I inserted a shape, initial state hidden, unhide when variable changes...same deal.

If I didn't have to go to bed, I'd try to rebuild it bit by bit - I just can't figure out what is causing the problem. I inserted a reference to the variable on the layers, and you can see that it changes as soon as the timeline starts. The timing on the button is 0. It's the first item in the trigger list.

Can't figure it out...bummed.

Heather Emerick

Rebecca,  I really appreciate that you tried to help.  I see your posts all of the time so I know that if you can't solve it, I'm not crazy!  I too am stumped!  I've come up with a work around solution for now to keep my client at Brown happy but will continue to work on this because this is the way I want it to work.  Thanks again.