Why is SCORM 2004 not going to completion in Saba 5.5?

We have several files published from Storyline in SCORM 1.2 which work flawlessly. However, I am having trouble getting courses published in SCORM 2004 to have a "Successful" status after finishing the course. The only way I can get this to work is to allow the "Exit and Finish" box to pop up, but we do not want this to happen. Is there a way for 2004 to work like 1.2, without having to use the pop up at the end?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Aaron and welcome to Heroes!

Interesting, there is a known issue where courses published with Scorm 1.2 were not being set to completed in Saba - I wonder if they changed something to make that work and it messed up the Scorm 2004? Have you checked in with your SABA team, as they're your main resource for troubleshooting reporting and tracking issues?