Why is Storyline HTML5 output files only publishing story.html file and not a story_html5.html file

Recently I noticed that when I publish my Storyline files the output only provides a story.html when it used to give me both a story.html and a story_html5.html? The story_html5.html is what I have used to link to for all my media as does my whole team so anytime we have a change to make for a single piece we need end up with broken links in our courses.  Has something changed?  I think I recently did an update to my software.  If something has changed is there a way to get the story_html5.html file back? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Toni,

Storyline published the story_html5.html file when the program allowed for both HTML5 and Flash (which had a corresponding story_flash.html file). The main story.html file would redirect to either the HTML5 file or the Flash file based on what was allowed in the user's browser. Even if one published for only HTML5, the extra file for redirecting was still included.

Now that the Flash option is gone, those separate files for redirecting are never needed. That's why you only see the story.html file.

Unfortunately, the only way to get the program to include the story_html5.html file would be to revert to the earlier version of the software. But then, of course, you'd lose all the updates and bug fixes. 

You could create your own story_html5.html file that automatically redirects to the story.html file. But adding that everywhere it's needed might be as much work as fixing the links.