Why is Storyline resizing my images?

I am doing a website simulation in Storyline 360.  I have a screencapture that is 809 pixels wide by 4000 pixels tall. I want to make scrolling effect using a motion path animation.  The problem is my screencapture gets resized to 374 pixels wide in Storyline and the text gets very blurry when I resize back to its original dimensions (809 pixels wide). 

I tried using a larger image (1600 pixels wide), but it also gets resized by Storyline to 374 pixels wide! 

I was wondering why my other screencaptures that are the exact dimensions as my slides were not being resized.  So I duplicated my 809 x 4000 px screencapture and cropped it in Photoshop to 809 x 460 px. When I insert it in Storyline, it remains at it’s original size: 809 pixels wide.

The only difference between the 2 screencaptures is that the first one is taller than the slide.  Why does Storyline resize images that are taller than the slide?

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JC Blanchard

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. I know that a large image will display to fit the slide, but the problem is that the original size of the image is not maintained for some reason. I recorded a video
to demonstrate what is happening. I also attached the original files to see if you will experience the same problem.

As for the scrolling panel, this is not the effect I want. I want the image to scroll by itself, not the student to scroll manually.

Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a simple workaround until we have something more definitive.

I'd cut the image up into those sizes where you had no degradation and then insert them into Storyline and stack them to look like a single image. Then group and apply the motion path to the group. That's why I did in the recording above.

Hope that helps.