Why is the engage size bigger as my main project size after export in Storyline 2?

Jan 07, 2015

I saw some dicussions about the problem here in Articulate Storyline 1. Has Storyline 2 the same problems by the import of engages? 

Even when I exported my project, the engage size is bigger as my main project size. Nothing will change when I adjust the engage size in Storyline 2.

 I imported normally under "import" -> "engage".

I'm using Articulate Engage 13 and Articulate Storyline 2. 


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Martin Herter

Hello Emily,

sure I attach an example engage and storyline file.  We located that the problem is only  when you started the course in Google Chrome.  

A additional problem is when we started it in Firefox or the interner explorer. We got a white background left and right from the engage. You can see it on the attached image. When we exported the engage in Articulate Studio 13, than we didn't get the white backround left and right. 

I'v already adjust the same settings from Articulate Studio 13 in Articulate Storyline, but nothing changed.  Do you have some adivices where the problem is ? 

Best regards 


Emily Ruby

Hello Martin!

Articulate Engage dimensions are fixed at 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high. Since you are using a custom story size, you may see the whit on the outside of the interaction. I did import the engage file into a new slide and did not see it becoming too large for the file.  I did test this in all three browser and got the same result. You can test the file here, and also you can see this in a .story size that matches the Engage dimensions.

Martin Herter

Hello Emily!

Thanks for this support.  It's a google Chrome problem on my device. But maybe you can help to solve my second problem with the white background left and right from the engage. You see it on the "LMS_Image.png" . I tried a lot  of seetings out, but nothing has changed the white background after export. We want to use 16:9 format.