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Tiffany You

Thanks Christie.

My quiz has 8 question banks and 3 Result slides. I found that for Result slide 1 and 2, the timer is still running, but for Result slide 3, the timer stops.

I looked at some troubleshootings and found that the problem is solved in Update 6. So if I installed the latest updates, the problem should be solved.




Tiffany You

I have a suggestion. In your Discuss page, is it possible to design a KEYWORD search? Now when I post a new discussion, I will then find the related content. But if we have keyword search, we may find the related topic at first place. This may save time for both the author and the staff.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Tiffany -- Thanks for the update, and at the top of the Discuss page, you should be able to search if you click on the magnifying glass as seen below. 

You are also welcome to use "site:articulate.com" and then the keyword behind it that you are searching in a Google search, and it will yield lots of returns. Hope that helps!