why is there a floating X over my content in the mobile player?

At some point, it looks like there was a change to how html5 mobile content is displayed.  Now there is a floating "X" hovering over my content.

Has anyone else seen this?

And is there any way to control it so it doesn't block what is on the screen?


I am using Storyline 360 v3.12.14612.0.

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Russell Engoran

Hi Ashley,


This is the link on Articulate Review.



I am viewing on an iphone 5s through the safari browser. And I just noticed another strange thing. It shows 2 play buttons on the launch page. See attached image. I will attach story separately.

Russell Engoran


I am also getting that floating (X) over the content area in a brand new, completely empty story.

This is the link to preview in a mobile device. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/e5b4f0fd-e61b-4d13-a599-28d7095f71e6/review

Screenshot and story file attached.
And I have already updated to Storyline 360 v3.12.14647.0.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Russell, 

Yes, Phil is right that exit button you're seeing is for the full screen view while looking at a course in Review on the iPhone. You won't see the same thing if you were viewing the course in your web server/LMS or Review on desktop/laptop browsers. 

Sorry for my confusion, but the screenshot with the link was exactly what I needed to confirm! 😀