Why is this not working?

I'm using SL360.

In this quiz, the user must drag the correct words to different locations in the paragraph (represented by numbered boxes).


In this example, there are only 2 words to select so there are only 2 rows of words to select from. One word from row 1 must be dragged on box 1 in the paragraph and one word from row 2 must be dragged to box 2.

I will have slides with 5 or 6 rows of words, so in order to avoid confusion, I want rows of words to appear one at a time, after the user has dropped a word on each box in the paragraph.

So in this example, when the slide opens, row 1 only is visible. All text boxes in row 2 are on a hidden state. Up to this point, it works.

I created triggers for each text box in row 2 to change their state to normal when an object is dropped on box 1 in the paragraph. However, the text boxes in row 2 are never displayed, no matter how many objects are dragged on box 1.

What am I doing wrong?

Please have a look at the Storyline file included.

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Michael Hinze

I'm not sure what you intended with your triggers. For example, there is a trigger attached to object 2A. The trigger setup reads: Change state of 2A to Normal When the user drops object 2A on object Target 1. As far as I could see this would never happen, because 2A is Hidden to begin with. Maybe you intended this trigger to read: Change state of 2A to Normal When the user drops object 1A on object Target 1? But that would only 'enable' object 2A, NOT the entire row.