Why is video or audio often dropped while streaming?

Jun 24, 2014


I've received many comments from users experiencing a lag before video or audio begins playing at the start of a slide. (This happens especially when opening a lesson in a browser for the first time.) I also receive many related complaints of the last bit of audio or video dropping out in the last few seconds of slides. 

I already know that internet connection speeds can influence this lagging or dropping, and I have accounted for the dropped audio at the end of slides by extending an additional .5 to .75 seconds of "empy" time on the timeline after the end of every audio or video file.  

Is there any hope of an improved "buffer" feature for the Storyline player that will pause the slide if video or audio is falling behind the timeline of a slide? 

An understanding of the technical aspects of this is beyond me, but from a user experience perspective, when I stream a film online it pauses to buffer if my connection speed is too low. When I experience a Storyline lesson with a slow connection, the audio or video seem to operate separately from the timeline of the Storyline player.  


Derek Frankhouser

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Derek,

Storyline does use progressive streaming for videos as detailed here and we also preload content as detailed here to make the playback as smooth as possible. Depending on your audio/video settings and any associated triggers, it may have become separated from the slide's timeline which could be part of the delay your experiencing. For example, if you enable the video's individual controls, the video's timeline and the slide's timeline are now two separate things. 

With all this being said, it still would be a great idea to share these thoughts in the form of a feature request in regards to how you would like content to be loaded and accessed during playback. 

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