Why my CD publish provides mobile and html5 folder and Launch_Story is not working

I have a huge project about 1 GB

When I publish it to CD, it publishes html5 folder and mobile folder and Launch_Story not work and say your browser is not supporting html5

I tried Other projects and published them before to CD and I didn't get folders for html5 or for mobile, so I don't know what is wrong in this project settings to do so

By the way as the project is too large, it publishes in more than an hour but it give me wrong output

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ahmed, 

The publish to CD is going to generate HTML5 output, so seeing the HTML5 folder is expected. The mobile folder also includes assets used within the HTML5 output, so that's expected as well.

Using the file "Launch_Story.exe" should play back the course in a separate window/player that doesn't look like your traditional browser. You'll still need to have Internet Explorer 11 installed on your machine per the system requirements here. 

I'm not sure what you meant by wrong output? Are you hoping to have a different publish type? If so, you can choose that prior to publishing and decide if it needs to include Flash, HTML5, or both.