Why no copy and paste to clipboard?

I just noticed that if you copy say, a picture or text from a project in Storlyline, you can't paste it into a powerpoint, word doc, email etc. I can copy from a powerpoint and paste into storyline, but vice versa it doesn't work. I can copy from one storyline page and paste to another page withiin storyline, but the content just doesn't seem to paste to the main clipboard. Anyway around this?

I need to create a powerpoint version of a training for countries that don't yet have an LMS, so was hoping to copy and paste page by page. If i export as a word doc, it's only images, so it's a bit useless in the sense that it's not editable content (i. e for translation).

Any workarounds will be great, i can see this being a nightmare otherwise.


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Crystal Horn

Hey everybody!  We revisited this issue with our development team.  In terms of the content you need to copy out of Storyline, are there objects besides text boxes, shapes and images?  Would you prefer the ability to copy multiple items at the same time?  Thanks again for sharing your needs.  We'll be sharing this information with our team while they investigate enhancing this functionality.

Stephen Mehta

Hello Crystal,

There are a few related issues which came up. I spent a very long time
trying to move our IP out of Articulate where it was designed and into other

The following would help:

1) The ability to export ('publish') to PowerPoint.

2) An ability to use the simple ctrl+C, ctrl+V copy/paste actions on a
single object or multiple, including grouped objects. This is only useful if
it interfaces freely with outside applications.

Storyline is a useful and reliable piece of software, but I have a hard time
putting my intellectual property into a software which then holds it

Kevan Stranges

Agree.   The ability to use windows standards (simple copy/paste) on objects as defined above is critical. I recently sent my material to our internal translation services - and I wanted to get some of the images translated as well - this was a tedious process (either snipping the images using a snipping editor or saving the images).     Either way, I think Stephan puts it best - it's like our material is held hostage within the application itself.

This thread is old and the requests have been made previously - wondering what happened with the other requests?


Crystal Horn

Hi Kevan.  You’re right—this is a discussion that was initiated a while ago.  The feature request process will generally follow these steps internally:

-We submit it to our product development team for review. 
-Our development team gauges the impact of the feature based on user feedback, viability of other workarounds, and the breadth of impact for users of the product.
-If the request is approved, we add it to the development pipeline where it gets designed, developed, and tested. 

I think the recent comments have demonstrated really well how this issue impacts our customers, and so discussing with our team again brought some fresh perspectives.  We will be figuring out how a change might fit in with other priorities, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks for your thoughts, too, Kevan!

Stephen Mehta

Crystal, thank you for moving forward on this item. It will add real value
to StoryLine.

Could we have an approximate timeline? Or a hard commitment to implement
these features? Publishing to PowerPoint is a game changer on some of our
presentations, and we've been playing 'wait and see' for quite a while now.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephen,

We're not able to share approximate timelines for this particular feature and when we may have additional updates. It is something that has gotten a lot of internal discussion so I know the team is investigating the viability of this type of implementation for copy/paste from Storyline to another tool. To clarify, that is how this particular discussion and feature was reported - as the ability to copy/paste from Storyline into another tool such as Powerpoint, Word, etc. not for the ability to publish direct to Powerpoint. 

John Curran

Yes...Storyline just needs to support the standard copy/paste functionality that is present in most (if not all Windows apps). That would include text blocks, shapes, images and also grouped items. Technically it should also support copying and pasting of the Storyline characters - that would enable me for example to use them in my PowerPoint storyboards rather than having to use place holders or snipped screenshots.

The attached example shows a grid 'model' that would be useful to copy out of Storyline and into PowerPoint as separate editable objects (grouped) not as a bitmap.

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone.  I have some exciting news about copy and pasting objects from Storyline!

With the latest version of Storyline 3 or 360, you can copy objects or groups of objects from Storyline and paste them into other applications.

  • Shapes, images, text boxes, or selected multiple objects will now copy, as arranged, to your clipboard with bitmap and png data. The program into which you paste the content will determine if the png or bitmap data is used, and will display as follows:

           ◂bitmap: image will display with a white background
           ◂png: image will display the original shape/group of shapes with no background.
                     (MS Office will read this data).
  • If you have a single audio or video, you can copy and paste those into applications that support media file paths.
  • Highlighting and copying text within a text box will give you .txt or .rtf format for pasting.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how this improved functionality is working for you!

Jason Fletcher

Has anyone noticed that copying/cutting and pasting text within 360 can be flaky? Sometimes it works, while other times it doesn't seem to. For instance, I just cut some text from a panel in an Engage Accordian interaction using CTRL+X. The text disappeared. When I moved my cursor to where I wanted to paste the text (on the same panel), and pasted using CTRL+V, it pasted in some text that I'd copied to the clipboard from Word earlier. I undid my steps using CTRL+Z, then cut the same text again and it pasted in fine. I've noticed this happening regularly. Is it a bug others have observed? It's like 360 is taking two goes to cut or copy text to the clipboard.