Why won't my buttons work? (Articulate 360 - SL)

I have created these buttons 4 times now.  I have worked out that you can't copy/paste but you should be able to copy the format, using the Format Painter; right? Well that hasn't worked either :(

I have just re-created each of the buttons in the 1st 2 branching scenes and they still aren't working when I publish to Review...

Please help me as I cannot work out why this is happening to some slides and not others!!!!

<course file attached>

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kerry,

I appreciate you sharing your file so we could take a look, but unfortunately, I'm not clear on which buttons on what slides I should be focused on.

published your course and the buttons that were presented to me seemed to work, so let me know what to focus on and I'd be happy to take another look.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kerry,

That message indicates that an answer is not selected. 

I took a look at the file you originally shared and saw you'd added some triggers for the buttons B1 and A1 (I looked in scene 5) to change the state based on the user clicking on it. Buttons have built in states and if you're using those you don't need to include triggers for the same things. If you do have those triggers included they could be interfering with the designed behavior. 

Once I removed those triggers the course behaved as expected showing the answer choice remaining selected and I was able to submit the question. 

I also recorded a quick Peek video to walk you through this. 

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Kerry Rasmussen

Hi Ashley

I am hoping you can help me again...

This is the sequel to the previous course and I am not sure if it is the 'button issue' again, or if Preview is playing up; there have been some strange functional problems occurring between reviewers (e.g. some functions work for one person and don't for another)

Has anyone else reported strange things when using Review?

Anyhow, I have completely rebuilt the multiple choice buttons for the 'Mitch' scenario, following your instruction from the previous post, and it still appears to not be working; I don't know how else to trouble shoot this problem.  I even published to the LMS; they still didn't work.

Here is the link to the Review and I have attached the SL file.... any help or information you can provide would be awesome.  In using this product for nearly 3 years I have never experienced this type of thing where an issue is repeated across design projects; I am completely stumped!

Kerry Rasmussen

Hi Jeffrey & Ashley

So sorry for the delayed response...

I was unable to resolve the problem; it was random and didn't occur on each slide.  I had copied and pasted the buttons from a previous course and wonder if that was the problem?  Also, I used a symbol on the 'selected' state and wonder if that was a problem? I ended up using the button icons and rebuilding the buttons in the course; then copying to each slide.

Unfortunately, my organisation has some firewalls, or something, that prevents me from publishing and using the content libraries when I am logged in via our VPN.  A very frustrating problem that cannot be specifically identified or resolved.

Thank you for your support
K :)

Kerry Rasmussen

I'm back with the same course and similar issue, involving quiz multi choice buttons...

In the attached course (RMCC), I have created slides and then transformed them into quizzing slides.  The 'pick many' slides seem to be giving me the most grief in that it shows the wrong layer when the selections are made.

I have attached the 1st course (MNCC), which the RMCC is designed from, so that you can see how I need the course to behave.

I don't understand what is interfering with the course behaving in the way it has been designed... your fresh perspective would be a great help.

Kerry Rasmussen

The multi choice ones in RMCC... when I test these slides there are more than 1 correct answer; however, the slide only allows one correct answer, if any, and the rest go to the Incorrect layer????

The MNCC course was uploaded to just demonstrate how the course is intended to behave... it does not have multi select answers though.

Thanks Wendy :)

Wendy Farmer

No Kerry,

you should be able to select the correct answers in the form view and when the user clicks the submit button, it returns correct layer if they are chosen or incorrect layer if they are not.  

And it does work.  Remove those three triggers to show feedback layers and it works as expected. 

Were you seeing the wrong behaviour in preview or publish?

Kerry Rasmussen

Hi Wendy

The slide is performing well; thank you.  I was just asking further questions around what you were able to fix for me...

1. do I have to use these triggers every time I use a multi pick quiz slide?; and

2. my course instructions tell the end user to select the 'tick' in the bottom right corner of the player, to submit their answers.  I noticed this isn't the case i what you have resolved for me; will the responses still be recorded in the results slide?

Sorry for the confusion :)

Wendy Farmer


did you see my post above. I'm not sure why you were using the triggers to show layers when the pick many was working as expected.

If the user selected A and B then clicked the tick (submit button) - the correct layer displayed

If the user selected any other combination and clicked the tick - the incorrect layer is displayed.

As long as this slide is ticked in the result slide to be included the slide should record correct. If you are asking if the user's actual responses are recorded in your LMS that would depend on your LMS.

Happy to discuss if you want to chat about it. I notice you're in Brisbane  - I'm on Bribie Island. My mobile number is 0419 047732

Kerry Rasmussen

Hi Wendy

Thank you for your persistence.  I am off work today but will fiddle with the course, based upon your recommendations & problem solving suggestions, tomorrow.  That's wonderful you are nearby.... I will call if I require further assistance with this issue.

Many thanks...I would be lost without the support of you experts! :)