Why won't my Timing/Cue Trigger Work?

Jan 27, 2016

Hi, I'm trying to eliminate the Next button until my learners have explored all parts of this Home page. I've set up variables to trigger after each layer is hidden after review. Why isn't my timing/cue trigger automatically moving to the next page with the Next button prompt and button?


Thanks for any insight you can share!


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Laurel Thomas

Hi, Deb! I took a look at your course. I think there are a couple of things to check and see if this fixes the problem:

  • On any of the layers, the order of triggers is: hide layer, jump to page and then set variable. Move the variable assignment first -- you have to do any variables or calculations before you show/hide or jump to another slide. Once you've "jumped" out, Storyline can't do any of the variable changes.
  • Why the trigger for "jump to Home Start" when that's the slide you're already on? I would think hiding the layer would be enough. It's possible that this is "resetting" any calculations, so your variable change is getting undone (if you have the variable and layer hide in the right order).

Hope that helps!

Deb Elliott

Thanks so much for the suggestions, and I implemented them; unfortunately, it's still not moving to the End slide. I've also changed the trigger to when media (audio) completes, to move onto the next slide if my variables are all changed. They've all changed twice now, once on my original trigger and once on the media completes. I've also used a cue point as well as timing. Help!

Deb Elliott

Cary Glenn

That should work. Though, I don't quite understand what you mean by "variables (hotspots)", those are two entirely different things. I don't believe you can change the colour of the hotspots with a trigger.

I was having troubles figuring out what areas I had already visited and what I hadn't viewed yet. I also put the big green box on the second slide so I could tell when I actually jumped to the next slide.

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