Why won't Post-Publishing Options show up?

Hello and help!!! I added a scene/slide with a link to the course evaluation in it to an existing course.

I saved the program as a different name since I had altered the course from the original published version.

After I publish the story, the options to preview, save zipped files, etc. do not show up.

What do I need to modify to be able to republish the story?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maureen,

So you're missing the options below? Do you see this window at all or just the buttons aren't there? 

 I'd first want to check that you're working on local project files, and adhering to the file path and file name guidelines documented here. If you've been working off a network or USB drive, you may want to try importing it into a new project file following these directions.  

Also, is this behavior only occurring in this one file or any file you've been trying to publish? You may want to conduct the repair of Storyline detailed here. 

Maureen Flanagan


Thank you for responding. The window you showed was not showing up and I figured out (late in the day) that the issue was precisely what you highlighted. The location of my folder / files was different from where I had it originally. Once I updated that and published from my local drive, everything worked as planned.