Why won't the visited or selected state appear when my object is visited or selected?

I read this here:

"If the visited state exists for an object, it'll automatically display after learners click it. In other words, you don't need to create a trigger to invoke a visited state."

I added the visited and selected state to my button's state list. Neither works.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Teresa

hope the attached update to your file is what you want.  The laws of 'clicking' and change to visited state goes out the window as the user is not clicking the icons they are dragging - so in this case you do need triggers. And it's best to not use the default visited state but to create a custom state - in my example 'completed'

In order to achieve what i think you wanted I created duplicate icons that sit on top of the original.  The top icon is the 'drag' and the icon underneath is the 'stay'.

Hope this helps

Walt Hamilton


The click action consists of two parts: mouseDown and mouseUp. So it isn't complete until you release the mouse. When you drag something, the system handles the drop first, then notices that the mouse click has been finished and handles that. So even though a layer is visible and the items on the base are hidden, it has to make the circle visible to change its state, and then it shows not on, but through the transparent layer.

I put a white rectangle behind everything on the layer, and everything works fine.