Why won't this linked animation start? (Storyline3)

Hi all.

I'm trying to link from an e-learning to the below animation. I've tried embedding the link as a web object, and simply hyperlinking to it from a button in my e-learning.

When trying to open the link, I first got a message saying the web page doesn't allow for viewing in frames. So I changed the Storyline settings to open in a separate browser window. 

This opens the link, but will not load the animation. I just get the background. If I open the link outside of Storyline, the animation loads and works fine. 

On inspecting the page using Google Chrome (attached), I can't see anything that might demand a specific way of opening the page before the animation will load (although I'm not that savvy with HTML).

Can I force this animation to load by adding some javascript or variables to Storyline, or must I ask the web page developer to change the way the content is hosted?




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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steven.  Thanks for sharing the animation link.  Check out my project here.

I was able to play the animation in a new browser tab both as a trigger to jump to the URL and as a web object to open automatically in another tab.

Just to cover my bases, are you unable to view the link after publishing?  Or is it during preview that it isn't working (neither of those functions is available during preview)?