Why would text change sizes after a project has been saved?

The published course looks perfect.  It's the saved source file that did something weird.

Just last night, I reworked an old 9 slide course as part of our flash sundown project.  I tested it in preview mode, and worked my way through it to ensure formatting was consistent.

I dragged the old course to my desktop.  Added a logo to the menu.  Changed the player to Modern, from Classic.  I chose a new theme - something that would go with our brand.  I went to the Master slides and changed the fonts, checking through each master for consistency of header and body sizes.

I added a 360 library image to a master, and resized other images so they'd work with the new theme.

I previewed the course, ensuring the extremely simple triggers worked and that everything looked good. Saved and published for Web.  Dragged both of these files to a network drive. Announced it was ready for posting to our media server.

This morning, Got notified by QC that text on many of the 9 slides was out-sized with some running off the edges of the slides.  So, I dragged the source back to my desktop and opened it.  

Sure enough.  The text boxes changed after saving or dragging to the network location.  However, the published version is just fine.  What on Earth?

Updated Storyline to the latest version yesterday before beginning work.  

Working on an updated ThinkPad

Course attached below.  I disconnected some triggers for proprietary reasons.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!  (I feel as though many of my source files are corrupting as we convert combined flash/html courses to being strictly html.  It's either that, or many of my source files are corrupting as they get dragged into their places on the network.  They test fine, and then when you pull them back out of the new location you find triggers have disconnected, for example.)

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Michele!

Thank you so much for attaching your file! I'm sorry you're running into corruption issues with your project. From what you've explained in your post, the culprit is dragging the files from a network to a local drive.

I ran a few tests on my end, and unfortunately, it looks like there are corrupted elements in the file. The elements that I noticed were the text boxes. 

You should always save and publish all of your Articulate Storyline files and projects to your local hard drive, which is typically your C: drive. Working on a network drive or an external (USB) drive can cause erratic behavior due to latency, which is the amount of time it takes for the information to traverse the systems.

What I would recommend is instead of dragging all the files to your network drive, create a copy of the project on your local drive. Next, drag the copy to the network drive. Make sure to leave the original copy on your local drive.