Width/Height position fields swapped from SL3 to 360

I was working in both 360 and SL3 comparing courses, I couldn't figure out why my Height and Width were not lining up when adjusting buttons.  It took me a minute to make the connection that the fields were flip flopped from one tool to the next.  Just in case anyone is working side-by-side with the tools.  Not sure why they got changed, and I am sure not the only similar changes.  Just thought I would share.

Flip flop


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Jeff.  In Storyline 360, we made it even easier to edit your objects.  The familiarity of X,Y positioning influenced that change.  I'm sorry if it caused you a moment of confusion!

These enhancements are a part of the continuous flow of new features that Articulate 360 products enjoy!  Let me know if there's any where else I can help.