Wierd indention in multiple choice questions

Jan 16, 2018


In Storyline 3 I regularly use multiple choice questions. The choices are to be aligned under one another, so I do not change their position.

Now sometimes, in preview and sometimes in published courses, these choices appear with different indention, so not in line anymore.

To make it easier to understand, what I mean, I attached two screenshots.

I have repeatedly encountered this phenomenon, so maybe someone here knows a workaround or even a fix.

Best regards,


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Knut Jackowski

Hello Leslie, hello Deepak,

Sadly I have already rebuilt the question in the storyline file and did not save a version with the indention. I will do so as soon as I encounter this again.

I will try to recreate this, but I am not sure if it will be successful, as I do not have any idea what caused this behaviour. I have seen it more than once, but do not know what the questions, that had this, had in common.

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