Wildcards in Storyline Links

Jun 20, 2017

I have a link to a file that is time-based. Every so often, the information in the link and the link name change (i.e., NewInfo18.pdf, NewInfo19.pdf, etc.). Since most of the filename remains the same, I was wondering if it were possible to use a wildcard in the one part of the filename that changes (i.e., NewInfo?.pdf). Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darin,

We don't have a wild card option for Storyline file links or urls. 

If you're updating content at an external URL that is linked in your Storyline course, you could keep the same URL and have the content change. Users may see an older version if they're accessing a cached copy though - and there is not a way to force the browser to clear the cache or history associated with it. 

Darin Fennell


Thanks for your reply. I knew it was a longshot to put wildcards into URL links. It looks like it would be best to check the link once a year to see if the file name has changed (since the file data is tied to a specified year.)

Thanks again,

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