Will copy/paste from Word to Storyline copy 'formatting'?

Sep 09, 2013


I want to know if copy/paste from Word could cause any problems in a slide (as text) or within a quiz. I use other editors and sometimes some 'underwater' formatting code is pasted. I usually use Notepad for save copy and paste, but if all code is stripped it's fine for me as well.

I hope that all formatting will be removed.

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Sjoerd de Vries

Useful answer Phil! I was not aware of the context menu.

I was pasting text from Word to the question editor and the formatting was not preserved there.

However, my question is if copying from Word will cause some unwanted code into Articulate. From other authoring tools I sometimes see that a lot of paragraph formatting codes are copied as well.

If Articulate Storyline also with copy and paste filter these codes, than it's fine. And with Phil's answer I can also paste directly the plain text only.

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