Will linking to pdfs make Storyline file too big? (for ipad when saved for offline use)

Will linking to pdfs make my Storyline 2 file too big (for ipad when saved for offline use)? I have a lot of pdfs to link to and as I understand it this would not be a problem is users were online but would all these create too huge a file for ipad offline use? I am not really familiar with how much space is available on ipads.

I am linking to files as suggested in forums but do not find that the pdfs automatically appear in my content. I have to manually add them to the content folder. Any help for this?

Thank you.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin,

You won't be able to use the Resource tab in the player for the Articulate Mobile player, nor does it support accessing files using the "Jump to file" trigger as documented here. So if you're linking to PDFs as a URL (say from your webserver) the user won't be able to open those while offline. 

Robin Wooten

Thanks - but the post at that link lists a lot of things and some are highlighted. It has a red, highlighted button for this very feature to indicate it is supported. However, it say to hover on the highlights for more info. Alas no hover-more info functionality. How do I interpret this chart fully?

So will this work in Safari HTML 5? Can I get Storyline 2 working on an IPad? This is what I need as my school has 1 to 1 ipads. What can I really do and not do in it? I am using a trial of Storyline 2 and have 20 days left to see if this purchase is worth it.

I also cannot find info on a reliable free or free-ish LMS that will work with use on ipads. I'd love to capture all my students responses by questions. It is for an inner city school which got a grant for the ipads but content available is very game-ish and not so high on the learning scale.

Any help would be appreciated. I am a teacher working on my own funds and time and am happy to do so for helping these kids but need it to WORK. Thanks

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin,

Are you trying to hover on the highlighted boxes on an iPad? That may be why you're not able to see it, as there isn't a true hover. For the mobile player app - "jump to file" is not supported (that's what the hover says) but "jump to URL" is. 

Yes, if you publish for HTML5 only, the users would be able to access in mobile safari on their iPads. Storyline as a program cannot be installed on an ipad, but you can run the published output on it through a web browser such as Safari. 

I don't know of a free or free-ish LMS, and would have to defer to the community for expertise on that. There are a number of community forums threads you may want to search through as well, and here's just one to get you started.