Will motion animation be integrated into Storyline in the future?

Hi all,

In the current version of Storyline, the only way (I guess) to animate objects is through Office PowerPoint. You need to create slides in PPT and convert them into video format. This approach is kind of inconvenient, because first you have to design slides in PPT separately, and second the video converted from PPT is not interactive.

I wonder when Storyline is going to incorporate motion animation feature. Any ideas?



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Cheng Li

Daniel Brigham said:

Hi, Cheng: Currently, Storyline supports entrance and exit animations. No way of knowing if they'll introduce motion paths on the next release. You can always make a feature request.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for replying. There are really limited applications for the animations that you described. Hope that Storyline can add the motion paths animation in the next release.