Will Screen Readers Handle Embedded Text Variables On Screen?

I am building a series of courses in Storyline, and the issue has been brought up that we may want to comply with Section 508. (I'm working for a non-profit, and as I understand it we are not bound to comply with Section 508.)

If I wanted to build a toggling window for captioning, and use an embedded variable to render the text per slide, will a text reader render this text, or will it render the variable name?

I'm trying to understand if the screen reader literally reads the rendered text, or if there is any lag time, or if there are any other issues with it before I try some different ways of building the captioning system. I may meet a similar issue with Transcripts.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

The screen reader should read the variable text reference, as I know it was an issue that previously existed in Storyline 1 where it read a reference as "percent sign variable name percent sign".

You may also want to review the information here in regards to our compliance with section 508 guidelines.