Will Studio 13 allow Import from Storyline?

I know the standard for Articulate is to not comment on features in programs, but I am hopeful this can get answered since they recently confirmed on the forum that Studio 13 will support Tin Can.

So, will Studio 13 allow Import from Storyline?  Specifically, will it allow question banks to be imported into quizmaker?

The reason I somewhat need to know, is that I purchased Storyline last week before the update, in hopes that Articulate will continue to add new features to improve Storyline through incremental updates.  I was disappointed to know that some basic features i find necessary but lacking were not included (e.g. timer, default question counter).  It is making me think i need to use the 30 day money back guarantee, simply because Storyline is not the best fit for my organization. 

But, if the new Studio supports this, i can continue to use Storyline as a temporary crutch to allow my training to be taken on iPads until Studio is available.

Can someone from Articulate's staff chime in on this?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tom,

I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, we're not able to discuss any features of upcoming releases unless they've been officially announced. If the feature isn't listed for Studio '13, we cannot confirm that it will be available. 

I do understand why this is important to you. If this is something you'd like to see in the upcoming release, I'd encourage you to submit a feature request, if you haven't already.

Thanks Tom!


Justin Wilcox

Hi Tom.

Great question but that's not something we can say at this time. If you find that Storyline is not meeting your needs and you are within the 30 days of purchase, I would suggest contacting Sales and they can help you out.

You can add a timer to your quiz when you are editing the properties of your results slide