Window Maximize Issue

Feb 26, 2016

I'm rather surprised that this is not already a topic. Storyline 2 was having maximize window issues when I downloaded the trial last year. Another surprise is that they have still not fixed it after a year.  I've attached a screen of what I'm talking about.

The issue:

Once you open the program and maximize, The Storyline 2 window gets maximized like you see in the screen shot. It get's pinned underneath the task bar and there's no way for me to minimize or bring the window to normal or even drag it to the normal size. It just gets stuck. I can still work with the program, But cannot move the window. The only way I fix it is by closing the program from the task bar and then re-open it with the task bar to the bottom (default).

I on an Windows 10 Pro 64 bit laptop.

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