Window opened via Hyperlink doesn't display browser controls (i.e. back button)

Apr 15, 2015

Our Storyline courses contain hyperlinks out to other systems. The new browser window that displays when you click on the hyperlink does not include browser controls - most importantly, the BACK button. When we launch the course from our LMS, the course window does include browser controls (including the BACK button). 

The Browser Options for the hyperlink are set as follows:

- Display in new browser window

- Browser controls = Default

- Windows size = Default

It is critical for us to have the BACK button on the new browser window that opens from the hyperlink because we want learners to click on other hyperlinks within that new window and to access information that is on other pages. So, it's VERY important that they be able to use the BACK button to get back to previous pages.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Colleen,

You mentioned launching it from your LMS did include the browser controls? Where are you launching it from to not see the browser controls? Have you tried a few different browsers, or at least the one documented here in terms of the viewing requirements.  

I've seen different browsers behave a bit differently, so I think we'd want to know more about your set up and how/where you're testing it. 

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