Window size of Storyline file in LMS

Jun 08, 2020

Hello Articulate Community!

I've uploaded my SL file into the LMS and the window size looks small compared to the size of the LMS window.  Any suggestions on how to increase the size of the SL window to fit more of the LMS window? 

I've attached an image of the settings for the Storysize.  I created my training in PPT and uploaded into SL.  I'm apprehensive of changing the Storysize in fear of causing many of the graphics etc. to alter on the slide.

Thanks for your help!


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Sam Hill

Hi Holly, can you provide a screen shot of the Storyline file within the LMS window? The Storyline file should actually scale to accommodate any available space in the browser. It may be that the LMS isn't allowing this to happen due to a frame the file is appearing in. You can overcome this by having the SL file launch in a new window.

Holly Greene

Hi Sam!

Thank you for your help!

I'll post an image shortly yet I have noticed that the course I posted in the LMS looks "normal" on my Macbook which is smaller screen than my other computer which  is attached to a large 2nd monitor. Does this sound like a browser issue?  

Also, in Canvas, I've seen the option to open in another window yet don't recall seeing it in the current clien't's LMS.  

Thanks again Sam.


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