Window Text Size compliance - any better in 2.0?

I think one of the ironies of content development is that we're expected to create ADA compliant output...and yet the tools we need to create it (Storyline, and all Adobe products) are anything but. I have some vision issues and have my Windows text size blown up to accommodate that - and most products (all MS products) blow up the program tools accordingly - menus, toolbar, and panel sizes. But Adobe, and Articulate, don't. The menus and timelines and sidebars are all still microscopic even at 150% Windows text size. My only option is to blow up my monitor resolution to 1280x720, losing a lot of real estate, but that's the only way I can read triggers, layers, timeline etc.

Why doesn't Storyline adjust to Windows text size adjustments? Is this something that's fixed in 2.0?

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