Windows 10 and Severed Heads

Hi all! I'm working with Windows 10, on a two screens, a monitor and my laptop and I can't seem to resolve the severed head issue. I've adjust my resolution to the recommended 96 dpi, and all the other available options and no luck. When building my module, the characters look fine. But, if I preview or publish the module, every character looks like they're from a horror movie. :) I've read through all the threads on the site, but I'm still stuck. Any suggestions for this Windows 10 user? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tina,

The DPI setting should have done it - did you shut down Storyline and restart your computer after making that change? What version of Storyline are you using? 

If you'd like to share a copy of the .story file I can also take a look and make sure it's not something specific to the file. Just upload it here using the "Add Attachment" button.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tina,

Thanks for sharing the file. I was able to confirm that everything in your file displayed normally on my Windows 10 machine.

I don't have the same dual monitor set up as you do though - but I'm curious if you've been able to disconnect the monitor to see if that resolves the odd decapitated characters? (I'd restart after disconnecting too) Also - have you tried looking at Storyline on both monitors or just one side? 


Tina Brown

I will try disconnecting my monitors and try viewing the story on each screen separately. I haven't another laptop that I can try out, as well.

Thanks for looking at my file, Ashley. If you were able to preview and/or publish my files with out the chopped off heads, do you think it's safe to assume that if I make that course live in our LMS, it should appear normal for everyone else? That's assuming their resolution is set correctly?