Windows 10 IE Edge problems

Jan 12, 2018

I've had a few reports of learners using Windows 10 / IE Edge having problems. I believe it is when they're running HTML5.

The latest report was a slide that stopped right in the middle of the playback. Has anyone else had a report like this?

Is anyone else seeing problem reports from learners using IE Edge?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for confirming, Sam!  I haven't seen any similar recent reports. Have you been able to replicate this yourself? Do you know what version/update of IE or Edge they're using? Are they able to refresh the browser and let the course continue? 

I'd be happy to test out one of your links as well - just share it here and let me know any more that you can about how to recreate the freeze! 

eLearning Development

Hey Ashley;

Same issue here.  Just found out this morning.  SL360 file (but upgraded from previous file).  works fine in firefox, explorer, chrome, safari.  I just didnt test in Edge.  Published with HTML5 with flash backup.

Here is a link to the file.

username test1234

password Pass1234%



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tim,

I'm seeing the loading wheel on almost every slide while testing your course, so it looks like it's taking longer than expected to load each page. I'm seeing slow loading in both Edge and Chrome, so it doesn't seem to be an Edge issue.

Have you found that the course tends to crash on a particular slide? Could you share the original project file with us so we can also test it in SCORM Cloud?

Brittney Price

We also have some users experiencing issues with Edge. Screenshot attached of the left menu appearing but no slide content. This course was created in SL360 not too long ago and functions fine in other browsers.  I need to do some more info gathering and testing to see if I can replicate it but thought I'd start with checking support articles and the forums. 

Katie Patricelli

We are also having extensive problems with Edge - to the point where we are telling clients that it's not a supported browser for our courses. The courses routinely crash part way through, text is missing on parts of slides, audio plays but slide content is missing, etc. 

All of these courses work fine in other browsers, so it's definitely an Edge issue that needs to be fixed quickly.

Ruthya Krishnappa

Hello, I seem to be running into the same issues with users calling to report they are having issues with the course freezing, or when advancing to the next slide, it's completely blank. Courses were built in SL360. Users reported they were on Windows 10, but were using either Firefox, Chrome, etc. Has anyone been able to narrow it down to it being a standalone windows 10 issue regardless of what browser is being used or a windows 10 + Edge issue? Any insight on this would be great. Racking my brains trying to narrow down the issue. 

Sam Carter

We get many complaints about HTML5 playback which unfortunately come from prospects that turn away from our offerings. Complaints like: blank screen, slow playback, course stops.

We continue to track and report the HTML5 JavaScript errors that Storyline's HTML5 script app.min.js pulls and are not recovered. These errors stop script execution and are related to HTML5 playback failures.

Here's a few:

  • TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.container.removeEventListener')"
  • "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'request' of undefined"
  • "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.postMessaging.request')"
  • "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'duration' of undefined"
  • "Unable to get property 'contains' of undefined or null reference"
  • "Unable to get property 'classList' of undefined or null reference"
  • "TypeError: i is null" "source":"https://.REDACTED]/html5/lib/scripts/app.min.js""lineNumber":3,"columnNumber":791030

There are many more.  SL's app.min.js is very bug-prone. You can draw a straight line from any of these errors to HTML5 playback coming to a halt.

Companies are standardizing on no-Flash desktop environments.  IE Edge and Chrome are becoming enterprise standard configurations. No, we can't change all our customer's desktop configurations.

This is a sad situation that has been getting worse for more than a year now and has negative business consequences.


Bruce Barnard

This is what I recently received from the company managing the LMS that delivers our Storyline 360 courses developed for one of our clients:

We’re having a lot of users calling our Helpdesk with trouble accessing the training in the Edge browser. There is an issue with this module and the “Next” button not working. (Meaning users cannot progress past the first slide.) 

The content is developed in HTML5 with Flash fallback and in SCORM 2004. It works fine on Firefox and Chrome.  Unfortunately, many of the users are on company computers configured to only have the Edge browser, so telling them to use a different browser is not an option. 

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Bruce! Sorry to hear some of your learners are getting stuck. We don't have any known issues involving the Edge browser and the next button specifically, so I'd like to know more about what's happening in your course. Can you help me with a few more details?

  • Have you been able to recreate this in your own testing?
  • What kind of content is on the first slide?
  • Do you have any triggers that would restrict the next button on the first slide?
  • Are you using the player next button, or a custom next button?
Bruce Barnard

Hi Alyssa,

I uploaded the course package into our LMS and then launched it in the Edge browser and it worked just fine.  I cannot replicate the problem.

The first slide is an intro slide with audio and image and text objects. The first slide advances without user input (no Next button). The slides that require the user to advance do so with a custom next button that is an object in the page. The player has no next button.

We use a "complete" variable set to false when the slide starts and it changes state to true when the timeline ends. We use this because our clients demand that the learners not be allowed to click through the content. It's our way of forcing the timeline to complete on each slide before it can be advanced.

But like I said ... we cannot replicate the problem. It is working fine for us in Edge. 


P.S. We are using Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0  and Microsoft Edge HTML 17.17134


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bruce.  Thanks so much for doing some testing on your end. I know it's aggravating when you can't reproduce what other people are seeing.

Just to clarify, is your client using a different LMS than you are?  If so, can you share your version with the client's LMS helpdesk folks to have the same users test on their end?  It might help us narrow down where the issue is occurring (i.e. if it's LMS specific).  You can also use SCORM Cloud to have those users test another hosted version of the same output.

Vladimir Popov

Hey Alyssa! 

I was going trough comments to find solution for my problem, and I came across your comment here. 

I saw that you asked about a trigger that is restricting the next button.

I have several slides that have hidden next button which is revealed after several variables are changed (from false to true). My client send me an feedback about that button. It is not working on Edge! Chrome, Mozzila, Opera works fine on PC, Laptop, tablet and smartphone (both Android and Ios), but not in Edge. Do you have a clue on how to fix this?

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