Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 and Storyline 3

Oct 10, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone was experiencing issues using Storyline 3 with Windows 10 and IE 11. We just migrated to Windows 10 and when we run Storyline 3 courses through our LMS on IE 11 our courses created in Storyline 3 have the letter "f" missing on words throughout the course that contain an "f" in addition there is awkward spacing of content and finally the course freezes up when you hit submit on drag and drop type quizzes. Now when we run the course using MS Edge web browser on Windows 10 the course works correctly. Please lest me know if anyone has experience this issue and of any solution on  running the course on IE 11 with windows 10. 

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Laurie Foberg

We are experiencing the same issue. Our course is published from SL3, html5/Flash fallback. Open Sans font used. When launched from our LMS using IE 11, first pass through the course everything looks great. However, after exiting and relaunching the course again the font is all jumbled with weird symbols and characters mixed in throughout. However, other times when I relaunch the same course the fonts looks fine. What is going on? I have researched this extensively and have seen how font issues are happening with several other people, but I am not finding a fix anywhere -- Other than publishing to Flash first, html5 as fallback. (If I do that, I'm just postponing the problem.)

Our company has purchased both Storyline 3 and Storyline 360, so we have a lot of money invested in this software. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Creative Director - Thanks for reaching out and I see that you are working with Alyssa here as well.

Thanks for testing in SCORM Cloud as well. Seems that it is working as intended there, so have you followed up with your LMS team at all?

I do not see where Carlos shared is file in a support case, so I have no update to provide on that, but you are certainly welcome to work directly with our team here as well if you need us to take a look. Not being able to replicate, makes that a bit difficult though.

niomi rosenberg

We are having the same issue.  I have Storyline 360 and most customers haven't had any problems but we are now up to 2 customers saying the "f" is misnaming throughout the course!

We could publish with flash/HTML5 fallback but that is a short term fix.  We are using the open sans font as well.  Is there another font that would be better?

Laurie Foberg


It has been 2 months since my last post on this issue. Has Articulate been able to replicate this issue in IE and is there a fix coming soon for this? I am currently working with our LMS developers as well, but no luck or fix there at the moment. Currently testing to see if adding the following meta tag will help with the font issue:

<meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="IE=edge" />

To cover all the bases, I've also changed the font to Calibri throughout - font jumbling still happening. I also tried the Articulate font - still, font jumbling.

Articulate Storyline 3. Published to HTML5 only. Launching from LMS using IE11 - font jumbles, weird characters and symbols throughout. On first launch, everything is good. Subsequent launches is where the font issue is seen.  Only seeing this issue with IE, all other browsers font is fine so far.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Creative - We have not been able to replicate from what I can see. I had a similar sounding issue today though, so I wanted to link this thread as well and share the possible solution:

Could you have the ones experiencing an issue check the following:

  • In IE: Internet Options > Security > Custom Level 
  • Scroll to the Downloads section and check if "font download" is enabled
Crystal Horn

Hi Toqa. Thanks for your screenshot!  It looks like you're viewing the output from your D: drive. 

If you published your course for web, can you also try uploading it to a web server to see how it displays?  Try Tempshare... it's quick, free and easy to use!  Just include Flash in your output so that Tempshare can publish it.

David Oskorus

I think the issue isn't with "f" specifically, but more broadly, with ligatures and some punctuation marks. I've been seeing similar things, for example "hasn’t" displays as "hasn’t", with some of the characters overlapping.

The problem appears to only occur in I.E. but it doesn't display consistently for all I.E. users.

It also isn't limited to the text displayed on screen. I'm capturing the user answers to some questions, and when a report is run, some instances of the captured question appear with the "garbled" text as well.

below examples show "garbled" text on the:

  1. On screen text
  2. Resume screen
  3. Generated report from captured questions

Others have suggested changing the font. This may work, but most of the fonts I've tried seem to have the same problem. And I'm generally using common fonts (e.g. Arial).

The browser settings do have "font download" enabled.

Would love to see a solution to this.

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