Windows 10 Problem starting SL2

Aug 18, 2015

I just upgraded a PC to windows 10. Now it shows that I'm no longer able to open SL2. When opening I have a fail message from Articulate Storyline telling "Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Storyline. Would you like to go to a web page to download it now?"

Yes choose yes and a shows Flash player page. The "Test Flash Player" works and I'm told that I don't need to install Flash Player. I also checked that the Flash Player is enabled in the settings and that Active Filtering is disabled.

Still - it's not possible for me to start Storyline??

Anyone having a hint how to continiu?

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Per  Nørsten

Thanks giving feedback but still I am not able to start SL2!

Jan - Perhaps you misunderstood the situation - I am not able to start Storyline 2. I can't figure what you mean by "desktop version" In Windows 10 "Edge" is used as browser.

Solange - I already did remove old version of SL and upgraded it to the latest version (update 6)

I tried to start the app as myself (user) and as administrator - did not Work.

Leslie - As you can read above - I am still not able to open Storyline2 using Windows 10 and Edge.

Per  Nørsten

Thanks Jan - I already did try to remove SL2 and install a complete new version. Still not working.

But as both you and others talked about upgrade I finally tried manually uninstall of SL2 and replay.

Then in regedit, manually removed everything about Articulate and all about Storyline. Restart the PC. 

Then a complete new installation of SL2 and replay.

Now it all seems to Work Again - thank you very much to everybody for your help! :-)



Karin Pfister

Hi Leslie,

I just checked and we had already done the updates. See attached for our Storyline version. When we try to play this using Microsoft Edge on the Surface Pro we just get a white screen. We really need to resolve this asap as we are launching this MOOC globally on March 8 and it is built in Storyline. I export for LMS with the html box ticked. 

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