Windows 8/Storyline confirmation request

We are ready to move to Windows 8 and Office 360 for our production. We have seen various forum reports of issues with Storyline and Windows 8. Articulate currently says Storyline works fine with Windows 8. Can you please confirm this before we take the next step? We need to be sure.

Also, is there anything special we would need to do to install our licensed verion of Storyline in Windows 8? We will be installing a full version of Win8 and not an upgrade, so we'll need to reinstall Storyline.

Thank you.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Richard - I can't confirm compatibility with Win8 because I am still on Win7 but I know Bruce Graham is using Storyline on Win8.

If you are going to reinstall your licensed version of Storyline - you need to first deactivate your current installation. To do this click the Help tab in Storyline and then click Deactivate.  This will ensure you don't exceed the number of allowable installs.