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Matthew Bibby

Yes, this is a known issue. 

Mask animations (which includes wipe, split, shape, wheel and random bars) don't work in the HTML5 output when viewing the content in IE or Edge. This is because those browsers don't support the CSS properties that are needed to display those animations. 


Lisa Jones

I'm wondering if your team has looked into using "clip" instead of "mask" to produce these effects with CSS. Using clip is how these types of effects are accomplished by at least one other eLearning rapid development tool company.

An example (uses a js library, but you could create your own) is near the end of the page at https://greensock.com/css3

If this hasn't been investigated, I think it would be valuable to so - so that as developers we're not surprised when part of our "experience" hinges on some of these effects (like say a "motion graphic novel" themed course) when we export to HTML5 and test on a mobile device :).