Wistia Web Objects


I am having issues with my embedded Wistia web object videos since this morning's update. My videos now appear to be grainy and now have a horizontal scroll window, which was not there before. The closed captioning is very difficult to read. I cannot directly embed the videos as they have closed captioning in them done directly in Wistia and don't want to manually type and sync them in Storyline again. I haven't changed any settings in Wistia and have no idea how to fix this. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bethany,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your attached .story file.

I downloaded so that I could take a look and understand what you're seeing (and added a couple of additional slides for my testing).

Here is the published output using SL360 Update 34.

Which looks similar to the actual website link in your file.

I then installed Version 33 and republished and the published output shows a similar result.

How are you publishing and viewing the content? Can you share screenshots of what you are experiencing?