WMF file won't line up in preview or when published

Dec 27, 2013

I'm trying to line up a wmf image over another wmf image. It's very important that they line up exactly. I have them lined up on the work screen, but when I preview the file and when also when I publish to Tempshare, the top image is off slightly. The extra weird thing is that it does it for some wmfs but not others, even if it's the same file, just on a different slide. Suggestions?

Steps I've already taken:

1) Storyline file is saved on my hard drive.

2) I publish to the web and then view it on the web (tempshare)

3) Repairing Storyline hasn't helped.

4) Rebooted my computer after Storyline repair

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie, 

Did you also check that your DPI is set to 96? Setting it to something else could cause objects or elements to be misplaced or distorted. 

If you've already checked that, or after you check it and it's still behaving oddly, I'd also try importing your Storyline project into a new file to see if that resolves any issues. 

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