Wordbank type question with multiple words to fill in

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a newbie Q but I'm having to learn things VERY quickly :)

I have quiz questions I need to do that are of "wordbank" type, but there is more than one word that needs to be filled into the sentence. Am I missing something or does the wordbank question type only give the option of choosing ONE word to fill in?

For example,  this is my sentence:

While ____ happens, ____ may not.

And I'd like to give 8-9 words to choose from.

Any  *other* way I can do this, perhaps using a drag and drop? I thought of that, but then what do I do with the words that are incorrect? If I don't enter them into the form of the drag and drop, then they are not "drag-able", which would give away the two correct answers right away :-)

Appreciate insights!




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Maya

you could use drag and drop and all words are draggable but in the form view where you are selecting the correct 'drop targets' for your two correct words, leave the target as none.

Alternatively, see this screenr about using a pick one quiz type - it may be better for you