Wordbank type question with multiple words to fill in

Sep 21, 2015

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a newbie Q but I'm having to learn things VERY quickly :)

I have quiz questions I need to do that are of "wordbank" type, but there is more than one word that needs to be filled into the sentence. Am I missing something or does the wordbank question type only give the option of choosing ONE word to fill in?

For example,  this is my sentence:

While ____ happens, ____ may not.

And I'd like to give 8-9 words to choose from.

Any  *other* way I can do this, perhaps using a drag and drop? I thought of that, but then what do I do with the words that are incorrect? If I don't enter them into the form of the drag and drop, then they are not "drag-able", which would give away the two correct answers right away :-)

Appreciate insights!




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