Woff file in SCORM1.2

I'm delivering an e-learning course in SCORM 1.2 for a client. The client LMS admin informed me that she could not upload the zipped file I sent her because it contains woff file type.

I had looked through previous discussions in E-learning Heroes on this topic, so I asked if she could allow woff file type on the LMS, but I was told that it's not possible. 

What is the purpose of these 3 woff files in the SCORM (see attached)? Would I disrupt the function of the SCORM file if I manually delete these 3 files?

Many thanks!


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Phil Mayor

off files are your fonts that have been compressed to work in modern browsers, you should not delete them. Your course text is likely to 

There has never been a case where WOFF files have been used as a vector for malware. It sounds like they are blocking Off files rather than allowing them to work. The problem you may have is that they allow them to be uploaded but the mime type is not enabled so they will not work.

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Yuqing!

That's a great catch, and I appreciate you bringing this behavior to our attention. I'm also seeing the same Open Sans .WOFF files in my published output for a course that doesn't have that font.

I'm going to consult with our team to see if this behavior is something we would expect or not.

In the meantime, we found that the course still works after deleting those .WOFF files. Would that work for you and your team?

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Yuqing! I'm back with an update 😀

Opens Sans is the player font, which is why those .WOFF files appear in the published output. 

The course should still work without those fonts, so feel free to delete them. If you and your LMS team are still seeing issues after, please let us know. We're standing by, happy to dig deeper!

Yuqing Wang

Hi Katie,

Thank you very much for investigating this issue. I made sure to change the player font to Arial in the build, but I still saw the Open Sans .WOFF files in the package.

I did try deleting the .WOFF files and testing the course on SCORM Cloud. It ran as I had expected on desktop and on mobile. I have proposed this as a temporary solution to my client. They will test it in their LMS environment to see if it works. I will keep you posted!

Thank you again!