Won't advance at the end of timeline

Feb 17, 2015

I'm having an issue with a course. I've got video clips on several slides where I've set the action to advance at the end of the clip. I've tried when timeline ends, when media ends, and even put a cue point in the the timeline. But it won't advance. Any ideas or suggestions for dealing with this issue?

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Robert DeSimone

Hi Ashley,

A little further investigation on my part revealed that clicking on the video control bar and moving it to the end doesn't move the timeline of the slide to the corresponding position. This means that though I was at the end of the video, I was not at the end of the timeline. Not sure if this is a bug or known issue.  When I published with the seek bar and scrolled the seek bar, then the slide advance at the end of the timeline. The inconsistency between the video timeline and slide timeline is what caused the confusion and seems to be what should be acknowledged as a bug and corrected.

Stephen Bollinger

Hi Ashley,

 I embedded videos from a video server into a course. I  disabled the forward button until the video is over. Because the video is streaming, I am using the SL 360 timeline to gauge when to trigger the forward arrow. in other words to enable it. I set the SL timeline to the length of the video. If the video is 6 minutes 10 seconds then the SL timeline is 370 seconds. When I test it, it works flawlessly every time. I have tested it on the 360 Review site, and within our LMS. However now I am finding that forward button is not being triggered for some users.

I would think that the SL timeline runs independently  from the video, so even if the video slows down, the main timeline should continue to run in real time. Is this not the case? Or do you have any other ideas of why this would fail?

Alyssa Gomez

You've got it right, Stephen. The slide timeline is independent of the embedded video, so the next button should be enabled after 370 seconds. I can help you narrow this down--let's start with these details:

  • Is the course hosted in a learning management system? 
  • Do you know what browser the learners are using when they're taking the course?
  • Have you been able to recreate the problem yourself?

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