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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniela,

There wasn't anything attached here? You shouldn't need to uninstall the trial  but just activate it with your serial number that you received as a part of purchasing. 

I see you're also working with Karla on a case and she requested some additional information, so please continue to work with her so that she can look at your specific system. 

Daniela Slater

Thanks for both your time and assistance.  The problem began when I tried to install and it failed.  So I was asked to uninstall first.  It wouldn't let me uninstall.

Yes, Karla has asked me to run a zip file and send her the results.  I trust she will resolve this.  I can't wait to start using Storyline.

Thanks again ladies !

p.s. I have attached again.  I hope you see it this time.