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Jul 29, 2013

I am using the Storyline Word Bank question feature and want to provide some help for the learners ("drag the right word to here") right on the answer drop box. I have managed to do this and have it dissapear when any selection is dropped on the zone. However when the review process kicks in after quiz completion, the help text shows up and is interfereing with the answer.

I am trying to get the text to dissapear and have tried to change the state of it based upon the variable condition which I update on the previous slide - by pressing Next.

I have tried lots of different angles, but am wondering if I am over thinking this. I have attached my story sample if someone can see where I am going wrong.



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Mike Enders

Hi Stanton,

Looks like it's a trigger order issue.  

On your word bank slide, you're submit interaction trigger is firing before the adjust variable trigger.  If you place the adjust variable trigger above the submit interaction, it should work. I've cleaned up the slide (removing the duplicate variables and switching the initial state on the help text to normal and the slide trigger to change it to hidden, removed bottom trigger to change text box to hidden) and attached.

I hope this helps!


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