Word file deleted when publish for web

I am literally in tears. Spent about 2-3 hours cleaning up the Word file output to send out for review, obviously saving periodically. Published the story to the web to see if I could also send a draft of that out for review, and apparently that DELETED my Word file entirely!!!!!!  Is there any way to recover that file? Anyone know where it would have gone? I've checked the "trash" and the Temp folder, as well as the Articulate Projects folder. It's definitely not in the folder I saved it in.

Because I need it now, I will have to re-create my work, but this is a MAJOR problem - am I the only one who has had it???

TIA for any help!


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Alan Montague, CPLP

I encountered this issues myself today.

Got to say this sucks in a way that I would simply not expect from Articulate.

The fact that it actually deletes all the files in the publish directory and does so in a way that the files are not in the recycle bin or anywhere else I can find them is totally unacceptable.

Luckily I had a printed copy which I've run through a scanner and OCRed but still...... Sucks Big time!




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Meg, 

You'll see Alan also reached out here, and our team was discussing it internally as well. It seems that when publishing a full-blown course (web, lms, etc), we overwrite anything in the destination folder. Word-publishing we just create a word doc in the destination folder without affecting anything else in the folder, but if you publish to Word first, and then publish to Web, it's going to overwrite the Word doc. You'll want to follow the step that Nancy mentioned and if you'd also like to submit a feature request you can do so here. 

David Anderson

Hey Alan! I'm sorry you lost your source doc. At least you found a printed copy of your edited Word doc. That's good news!

I added a feature request to prompt users to save to new directories when publishing with Word. I believe the publish feature works as intended, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to remind users that the target folder replaces existing files.

I also see you submitted a feature request. Thank you for taking the time to submit. It helps us prioritize updates in future versions.