Word Scramble drag and drop?

Hi there! I downloaded on the "business circles gamified" template. I was trying to modify the word scramble drag and drop but I ran into a problem...it may be the cold medicine or that I haven't had enough coffee yet but I can't figure this one out. How do I do the word scramble drag and drop without getting "incorrect" when the word is "out of the woods"? There are multiple "o" that could be used anywhere and the "player" could have the word scramble right but be told he/she is wrong because the "o" doesn't match the one assigned in the drag and drop target. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi EM,

Thanks for reaching out here - do you have a link to where that template is hosted? There are so many here in the ELH community I want to make sure I'm looking at the correct one. Also you could comment directly in that thread or discussion to see if the user who created it is able to assist as well. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi EM!

I'm assuming you are speaking of the one shared by Alexander here.

The built in functionality is that each drag item has one drop target, although multiple drag items can belong to the same drop target. There is some discussion in this thread with an example of how you may want to set it up.