Wordbank Question Type: How does it work?

Hi all,

I was thinking about creating a wordbank-question and my idea was to use it like a fill-in-the-blank question without the users having to actually write each answer, but instead being able to drag a word or a phrase and drop it on the correct blank in the text.

Seems that this isn't really possible?

I just get one wordbank-dropspot and it doesn't seem possible to have many dropspots(?). I'd like to place all the text on one slide with about 10 blanks and 10 wordbank-items and have users place them correctly.

Can this be achieved with the wordbank-question? Or is it only possible to place _one_ wordbank-item per slide?
If yes, is there an alternative to get what I want?

Kind regards,


P.S.: This reminds me: If my memory is correct it is like that with the fill-in-the-blank question, too? There you can only have one blank per slide that users have to fill in?

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