Workaround for invalid answer box.

Hello. I am designing a drag and drop activity using the freeform functionality. I wanted to make it so that the invalid answer box doesn't pop up when a learner clicks the submit button without selecting any options. I followed the directions for another discussion and it worked, but it broke the delay states option. I want the drag and drop to show the states once the learner clicks submit so they know which ones are wrong. Thanks so much. 

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Destiny Simms

Hi Lauren. Thanks for responding. I sent the file in to Articulate. My description probably isn't that clear here, but it helped. I was told to create variables for each draggable object and then create a new layer to show instead of the invalid answer and show that layer when the variables were false. Then, I was instructed to show the correct layer when all of the variables are true or dragged. For multiple attempts, create a trigger to reset the variables when the timeline starts. It worked! Thanks so much.