Workaround for Multiple FIB in Storyline

Storyline is only able to support one fill-in-the-blank per slide. I want two. I found this really cool workaround in a video, here:

Does anyone know where that original file is located?  I can't find it and I think it will help me figure out all the pieces.

Thank you.

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Frank Hughes

As a user of Captivate, Storyline 2, and Lectora, I must tell you that you can do multiple FIB questions on a single page quite easily in Lectora 18. Storyline is great, and I use it a lot, but I could not find a way to easily create in Storyline 2 what the requestor desired: a final assessment that tests the learner's ability to properly complete a required form. In Lectora 18 I was able to quickly create that form, with as many as 20 FIB questions on a page. This is possible because Lectora 18 allows a single submit button to process and report all the questions on a page with one click. I added conditions to the button that require all the blanks to be filled before allowing it to process and take the learner to the next page in the test.