Workaround for Multiple Response graded interaction with images

Feb 26, 2014

I had a quiz question where the answer required selecting two of three images.

I kept running up against problems - couldn't drop an image into the multiple response answer spaces, couldn't reformat the multiple response panel to place the images onscreen large enough to read correctly. Couldn't make this a Hotspot quiz because that only allows a single correct hotspot

Here's my workaround:

1. Placed a 'label' button on each image

2. Added a trigger for each label button that changed the state of the original buttons in the Multiple Response to 'selected'

3. Added a selected state to the label buttons

3. Hid the Multiple Response panel behind one of the images to eliminate confusion


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Phil Mayor

Carol Levin said:

Thanks, Phil.

However, I don't see a way to convert a graded item to freeform. Is there a tutorial I'm missing?


It would be much easier to use the convert to freeform at the start if you want a multiple response question where you select images.  You cannot change a graded question to a convert to freeform, but it would be much easier than the workaround to start again, i think.

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